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Nikki Night is the old-fashioned pinup tattoo on the arm of every weathered, knowing tough guy come to life, but she wasnt always. After spending more than a decade as a professional makeup artist, Night struggled for the money to start a new life after ending her marriage in 2010. After my divorce I couldnt tell you what my favorite color was, she recalls. find moreCamming absolutely saved my life. She previously considered a lot of dark things to earn a living, including, in her opinion, bartending and waitressing: When I have to put up with a guy cupping my ass or having to flirt with some jerk to sell him a beer, that feels more like sex work to me than camming. An ad for internet modeling led Night into the camming industry, which annually generates an estimated $1 billion. The barriers to entry were low compared to other sex work. There are no applications to fill out, no sleazy smut directors to deal with, no pimps. All it takes is Wi-Fi and a webcam. While Nights network takes 40 percent of revenues off the top, performers, she says, work as much or as little as they want to and face no pressure to boost their earnings. foot pain memeNight quickly realized that her new job bolstered her self-esteem.

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