In The Meantime, Tehran Took Full Advantage To Elevate Its Proxy Influence, Network Of Terrorists And Rendering A Completely Destabilized, Flashpoint-style, Crisis-riddled Middle East.

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It goes beyond doubt Iran remains the leading state sponsor of terrorism , providing significant material and financial support for Syrian dictator Bashar Assad, Shiite militias in Iraq, its foot-soldier Houthis in Yemen, the Lebanese Hezbollah to stockpile tens of thousands of missiles, and more. Arab states have also comprehended the message of Trumps election, as 11 such governments issued an unprecedented letter to the outgoing United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon warning of Irans meddling in the Middle East. This stretches beyond the Middle East as well. Recently, two Iranian citizens (probable spies or terrorists) were apprehended in Kenya . Rest assured if serious investigations take place Irans fingerprints will be found, especially since the two were arrested in a diplomatic car. The Consequences With Democrats joining their Republican colleagues in passing the ISA, one can sense the pressure they had to endure under Obama to pledge their support for his foreign policy of waiving Iran sanctions. In the meantime, Tehran took full advantage to elevate its proxy influence, network of terrorists and Auburn WR Kyle Davis out ‘a few weeks’ after foot surgery rendering a completely destabilized, flashpoint-style, crisis-riddled Middle East. Obama may boast about signing a nuclear agreement and his top diplomat, John Kerry John Kerry As Congress adjusts to Trump, Iran put under the pressure it deserves Sharpton pressures Dems on Trump nominees Words are not enough US must support Christians who survived genocide in Iraq MORE , shaking hands with a regime known to execute nearly 3,000 under moderate Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. As a result, Iran considered the Obama foreign policy a green light to continue its conglomerate of devious activities jeopardizing peace and security across the region, especially as Obama repeatedly had the legitimate right to inflict sanctions, and refused to do so. Team Obama provided Irans mullahs the leverage of threatening to walk away from first the nuclear talks, then the JCPOA, to make sure the Obama administration remained reticent from considering new sanctions.

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